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What Kind of Author Do You Want to Be?
With Chapterly’s introductory e-course, we teach you how to get to the root of your passion for writing and decide what kind of book you want to write, and what sort of author you want to be.
How to Design a Book Cover
With Chapterly’s e-course on designing your book cover, you’ll learn the secrets to creating a professional book cover that will stand up to the competition. Learn the design tips that tell readers exactly what your book is about, and how to make your cover stand out from the crowd.
Getting Started in Genre Fiction
In Chapterly’s e-course on writing genre fiction, we’ll guide you through identifying the genres and subgenres that best fit your book, and how to write a unique story when the reader already knows the plot. Learn how to identify tropes and avoid cliches, use your writing to add tension to your story, and keep your reader on the edge of their seat right to the very end.
How to Plot a Book
Learn the difference between protagonists, antagonists, and allies, and the vital role each character type plays in your story. Follow the guided outline included in the course to summarize your plot, discover how to use themes and motifs to reinforce the overall message of your story, and make your words jump off the page (or screen!) as you master pacing like a pro.
How to Research a Book
With Chapterly’s free e-course, you can learn all about researching a book, where to go to find the information you need, and how to organize your research so you can spend less time reading and more time writing.
How to Write a Business Book
Chapterly’s e-course on how to write a business book teaches you everything you need to know, from choosing your subject, to researching, publishing, and marketing your book. Over five daily lessons you’ll learn to research like a pro, how to identify your ideal reader, and how to tell them about your book.
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