Dozens of exclusive features, one affordable price
All members get access to our exclusive courses on writing fiction, non-fiction, and publishing and marketing your book. Learn all there is to know about every aspect of bringing your story to life.
Here's what you get:
Fiction Writing Course
A complete guide to writing fiction in any genre. Learn how to plot and pace your book, develop characters, and more.
Non-Fiction Course
Learn about researching your subject, structuring your work, and adding important front and back matter to your book.
Self-Publishing Course
Once your book is written, we’ll show you how to create the files you need, upload them to retailers, and promote your book.
Smart Syncing
Wherever you are, however long you have, you can write with the Chapterly app and sync it across all your devices.
Collaboration Tools
Ask for opinions or edit your book with Chapterly. Anyone you invite can make suggestions and comments directly in the app.
Automatic Backups
Everything you type is saved in the cloud, and you can access complete version histories at any time. Never lose your work!
Preset Layouts
Our book builder lets you structure your work any way you want. Add acknowledgements, glossaries and more with ease.
Professional Typesetting
We’ve chosen the best fonts and formatting elements to make your book look as professional as anything on the market.
Cover Designer
Our market-leading cover designer lets you generate a gorgeous cover for any genre, so your work is bookstore ready.
Multiple Export Formats
Whatever platform you’re publishing your book on, we export the right files, from mobi and epub to print-ready PDF.
Unlimited Titles
Create, write, and export unlimited books at no extra cost. Go ahead, write that series you’ve been planning!
Productivity Tools
Stay on track with Goal Setting, Distraction-Free Mode, write offline, and more. We’ve got the tools to keep you writing.
Frequently Asked Questions
What devices is the Chapterly app compatible with?
Chapterly is available for Windows and Mac computers, and Android and iOS mobile devices. Download Chapterly to your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone, and sync your projects across all your devices. Wherever you are when inspiration strikes, Chapterly is always available.
Is Chapterly my publisher?
Chapterly is a writing and export tool that will create the files you need in order to self-publish your book. You are your own publisher; we just provide the technical know-how.
Who owns the copyright to my book?
You do! At Chapterly we give you the tools to write whatever you want, without claiming ownership of your words. Your ideas are safe with us, because we’ll never try to take them away.
What if accidentally delete my book?
Everything you type into the Chapterly app is automatically synced with our cloud storage and backed up safely, so even when you delete something, it isn’t completely lost. You can review all of your document edits in the app so it’s fast and easy to recover your writing.
Can I import a story I’ve already written?
You can add anything you want to your Chapterly app. Start writing a book from scratch, or import a story you’ve been working on for years. There are no limits, so make new projects for all your ideas.
How many books can I write?
Chapterly is unlimited, meaning you can add as many books as you want for the same low subscription price. Go ahead, start writing a whole series!
How long are the online courses?
Our comprehensive e-courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know about writing and publishing. Each self-paced course contains around 2 hours of instructional videos, and includes optional assignments to keep you on track. You can take as long as you like on the courses, or just watch the sections you find the most useful. It’s entirely up to you.
Can I get more guidance beyond the online courses?
As well as our comprehensive online courses, we’ve created a series of free mini e-courses that anyone can access. They’re designed to teach you a new writing or publishing skill in just a week with a quick daily email. We also offer 1-on-1 coaching with experienced writers from within Chapterly.
Do you have any other charges or hidden fees?
Nope. With Chapterly, what you see is what you get. All of our e-courses and app features are available for one simple, affordable payment. We do offer personalized editing and cover design services, but they are separate from our app and courses.
What if I’m not satisfied?
We’re so sure you’ll love Chapterly, but in the event that you don't, we make it very easy to cancel at any time.
Need help?
Our support team are publishing experts, and they're happy to answer all of your questions. Whether you need technical guidance with our app or want to learn more about the writing and publishing process, we're always happy to hear from you. Get in touch and let us know how we can help.