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What will you write?
Learn how to write, publish, and promote with Chapterly.
Get expert writing tools and guidance in Chapterly’s simple, all-in-one app.
Follow our comprehensive course on writing fiction or non-fiction to learn about plotting, pacing, proofing, and more. Then write and design your book using our smart formatting tools that will generate publication-ready files when you’re finished.
Step 1
Always wanted to write a book but not sure where to start?
Our 4.5 hour course is jam-packed with everything you need to know on your journey to becoming a published author.
Step 2
Tell your story using our book authoring tools.
Write like a pro with intuitive, easy-to-use book authoring tools. Grammar checking, distraction-free mode, and collaboration come standard.
Step 3
Design a professional cover with our easy-to-use cover designer.
You'll want everyone to judge your book by the gorgeous cover you create!
Step 4
Export beautifully typeset books. Then publish them.
Whatever the format, from print to ebook, mobi to epub, we take care of everything so your book always looks amazing.
Get started today.
First, learn how to write a book.
Step-by-step video courses take you from blank page to best-selling author.
All your questions answered.
Where does inspiration come from? How do you plot a book? What files does a finished book use? What even is self-publishing anyway? Whatever your questions, from getting started planning and writing your story, to how to publish with different distributors and promote your book, our courses have the answers.
  • 4.5 hours of video content
  • Fiction course
  • Non-fiction course
  • Self publish course
  • BONUS: Learn to market your book.
14 videos
105 mins
In this fiction course, you will learn how to bring a book project from conceptualization to polished manuscript.
Getting That First Idea
Exploring Your Idea
Outlining Your Fiction Book
Writing Your Novel
Scheduling Your Writing
Character Development
Time and Place
Fixing Common Problems
Writer's Block
Plot Problems
Writing Mechanics
Finishing Your Book
Best Practices in Ending a Fiction Book
Editing and Proofreading
Front and Back Matter
15 videos
100 mins
This course will guide you step-by-step along the journey of creating a non-fiction book.
Your Bright Idea
Planning Your Writing Schedule
Market Research
Competitor Research
Subject Matter Research
Online Research Tools for Writers
Brick and Mortar Research Tools for W...
Interviewing Skills for Writers
Writing the first draft
Finding Your Voice
How to Outline a Non-Fiction Book
From First Sentence to Full Draft
Concluding Your Non-Fiction Book
Front and Back Matter
Revisions and proofreading
Major Revisions
Fresh Perspectives
18 videos
65 mins
This course makes self-publishing easy by breaking down the process step-by-step.
Preparing your Manuscript for Publication
Cover Design
Setting a Price
Introduction to Formatting
EPUB Format
PDF Format
AZW Format
MOBI Format
Publishing with Amazon's Kindle
A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publishi...
Publishing with Barnes and Noble Press
Introduction to Self-Publishing on Ba...
Self-Publishing your E-Book with Barn...
Self-Publishing your Print Book with ...
Self-publishing with Apple Books
Introduction to Self-Publishing on Ap...
Self-Publishing your Ebook with Apple...
Self-publishing with Kobo
Introduction to Self-Publishing with ...
Self-Publishing your E-Book on Kobo
Bonus Marketing Lesson
Get started today.
81% of people want to write a book. Fewer than 1% actually do.
They didn't have these tools.
One app to do it all.
Our book editor is the perfect blank canvas. Preset templates for chapters, content pages, acknowledgements, and more keep your book on track and take care of the design and layout settings. Fear not, we also have a built-in grammar and spell checker to make sure you can edit on the fly. Relax knowing everything you type is backed up in the cloud, so even if you delete it, it's never lost.
  • ALWAYS saved & backed up in the cloud
  • Fully featured word processor
  • Preset page templates (copyright, acknowledgements, etc)
  • Revision history
  • Keep notes/nesearch Documents
Set goals. Then obliterate them.
Target-orientated writers can make their own mini-challenges with our Goal Setter feature. Work towards a specific word count, set a target, and the Chapterly app will track your progress and let you know how far you’ve come.
Collaborate to get your book ready
Whether you need help fixing a plothole, want a second opinion on your writing, or you’ve finished your first draft and you’re looking for editing feedback, Chapterly has made collaborating on your book as easy as sending an email. Invite friends and colleagues to view your work at any point. They can make suggestions and leave comments right in the app, so you can work together to polish your book until it shines.
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Unlimited editors and collaborators
  • Comments & suggestions for lively discussions
  • Set collaborator permissions
Work offline.
Go nuclear with our offline mode to really close out distractions and focus on your writing. Everything you type is backed up locally and synced with your project in the Chapterly cloud the moment you reconnect to the internet. It’s like going analog in the digital age, without losing any of the performance or perks.
Go mobile.
Sync all o your devices to Chapterly and never lose track of your progress again. We built in all of our smart features, including Goal Tracker, spelling and grammar tools, notifications, revision and collaboration history, and more. You really can write, format, and publish your whole book from your phone. Now that’s smart!
Write distraction-free.
If you’re the sort of person who always has a dozen tabs open, or is constantly switching between different apps or pages, you’ll love our distraction-free writing mode. Put Chapterly front and center and focus on your words—and nothing else—while you write.
Get started today.
Judge your book by its cover.
A cover that you designed.
With our easy-to-use cover designer and access to a library of thousands of royalty-free stock images, you can create the perfect cover effortlessly.

We’ve built a powerful, intuitive cover designer right into the Chapterly app so you can easily make your own covers for any format, including paperback, hardback, and even dust jackets. Add images, edit text, and insert shapes, patterns, and a barcode to produce a professionally designed cover that’s all yours. When you're finished, export your cover for print, mobile, or web.

  • Design unlimited covers.
  • Format text and images.
  • Utilize revision history.
  • Access thousands of royalty-free images.
  • Export for print, mobile, and web.
Or start with one of ours
Chapterly has dozens of professional-quality cover designs to help you kick-start your next best-seller. Simply pick a design, and customize your cover in minutes.
Get started today.
Share your book with the world.
Get print-ready at the touch of a button.
Our automatic typesetting options take the headache out of book formatting. We’ve preloaded fonts, chapter headings, and scene dividers, as well as content templates, page margins, layouts, and more. You can rely on us to typeset your book perfectly for digital and print publishing in a variety of formats and sizes.
Title Page
Chapter Page

And when you’re ready to publish, we’ll walk you through selling your book through all the major retailers, including Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

Other publishing and typesetting platforms charge per book, but not Chapterly. You can create, write, and export unlimited books, meaning you can write as fast as you like, or import all your ideas into Chapterly and work on them without worrying about going over data or storage limits, or incurring more costs when the time comes to publish.

You own your work. We’re just here to help you write. Your ideas are yours, not ours, and we want to keep it that way.


Start writing your book today.
Instant access. Smart tools. Satisfaction guaranteed.
We’re so sure you’ll love writing your book with Chapterly, we offer a no-questions-asked, 30-day money back guarantee.
Get started today.
Or get started with these free courses.
What Kind of Author Do You Want to Be?
With Chapterly’s introductory e-course, we teach you how to get to the root of your passion for writing and decide what kind of book you want to write, and what sort of author you want to be.
How to Design a Book Cover
With Chapterly’s e-course on designing your book cover, you’ll learn the secrets to creating a professional book cover that will stand up to the competition. Learn the design tips that tell readers exactly what your book is about, and how to make your cover stand out from the crowd.
Getting Started in Genre Fiction
In Chapterly’s e-course on writing genre fiction, we’ll guide you through identifying the genres and subgenres that best fit your book, and how to write a unique story when the reader already knows the plot. Learn how to identify tropes and avoid cliches, use your writing to add tension to your story, and keep your reader on the edge of their seat right to the very end.
How to Plot a Book
Learn the difference between protagonists, antagonists, and allies, and the vital role each character type plays in your story. Follow the guided outline included in the course to summarize your plot, discover how to use themes and motifs to reinforce the overall message of your story, and make your words jump off the page (or screen!) as you master pacing like a pro.
How to Research a Book
With Chapterly’s free e-course, you can learn all about researching a book, where to go to find the information you need, and how to organize your research so you can spend less time reading and more time writing.
How to Write a Business Book
Chapterly’s e-course on how to write a business book teaches you everything you need to know, from choosing your subject, to researching, publishing, and marketing your book. Over five daily lessons you’ll learn to research like a pro, how to identify your ideal reader, and how to tell them about your book.
Frequently Asked Questions
What devices is the Chapterly app compatible with?
Chapterly is available for Windows and Mac computers, and Android and iOS mobile devices. Download Chapterly to your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone, and sync your projects across all your devices. Wherever you are when inspiration strikes, Chapterly is always available.
Is Chapterly my publisher?
Chapterly is a writing and export tool that will create the files you need in order to self-publish your book. You are your own publisher; we just provide the technical know-how.
Who owns the copyright to my book?
You do! At Chapterly we give you the tools to write whatever you want, without claiming ownership of your words. Your ideas are safe with us, because we’ll never try to take them away.
What if accidentally delete my book?
Everything you type into the Chapterly app is automatically synced with our cloud storage and backed up safely, so even when you delete something, it isn’t completely lost. You can review all of your document edits in the app so it’s fast and easy to recover your writing.
Can I import a story I’ve already written?
You can add anything you want to your Chapterly app. Start writing a book from scratch, or import a story you’ve been working on for years. There are no limits, so make new projects for all your ideas.
How many books can I write?
Chapterly is unlimited, meaning you can add as many books as you want for the same low subscription price. Go ahead, start writing a whole series!
How long are the online courses?
Our comprehensive e-courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know about writing and publishing. Each self-paced course contains around 2 hours of instructional videos, and includes optional assignments to keep you on track. You can take as long as you like on the courses, or just watch the sections you find the most useful. It’s entirely up to you.
Can I get more guidance beyond the online courses?
As well as our comprehensive online courses, we’ve created a series of free mini e-courses that anyone can access. They’re designed to teach you a new writing or publishing skill in just a week with a quick daily email. We also offer 1-on-1 coaching with experienced writers from within Chapterly.
Do you have any other charges or hidden fees?
Nope. With Chapterly, what you see is what you get. All of our e-courses and app features are available for one simple, affordable payment. We do offer personalized editing and cover design services, but they are separate from our app and courses.
What if I’m not satisfied?
We’re so sure you’ll love Chapterly, but in the event that you don't, we make it very easy to cancel at any time.
Need help?
Our support team are publishing experts, and they're happy to answer all of your questions. Whether you need technical guidance with our app or want to learn more about the writing and publishing process, we're always happy to hear from you. Get in touch and let us know how we can help.